Blond Granny Claudie Fucks Karen with Dildo

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Starring Claudie, Karen

Tags Girl On Girl, Oral Sex, Sex Toys

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Added January 28 2011

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Claudie and Karen are dressed to the nines in heels, fancy lingerie, and feather boas. After all, these lesbian grannies still got it where it counts! Sexy blond Claudie pops out one of her boobs for Karen to suck on. Obediently, Karen bends over and lets Claudie grace her soft hands up and around her inner thighs, electrifying her with pure bliss! Sliding her thong to the side, Claudie starts small with a glass dildo and wriggles it in Karen's wide pussy hole. With her fingers, she reveals Karen's clit and tongue-fucks the man in the canoe til Karen orgasms!

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