Old Granny Shows Co-Ed Some Pussy Tricks

From Heatwave Pass

Starring Gina Delvaux, Tabitha Blue

Tags Fingering, Girl On Girl, Oral Sex, Sex Toys

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Added August 09 2014

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Tabitha Blue is a skinny pigtailed tiny titty co-ed, looking to satisfy her little pink cunt with just about everything but a cock today. Good thing this sexy mature lady with giant floppy tits is around to show her how to cram humongous objects into her soaking wet fuck-hole. Granny Gina Delvaux gets a drink bottle, a fucking pipe, a candle, one leg of chair (I think) and tiny Tabitha's fingers and tongue. Gina stretches out Tabitha Blue's little shaved cunt with her hands and a huge rubber cock. This is what you call higher learning.

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