Two Lesbians Eat Out at Each Other's Hairy Bush Buffet

From Fuck My Hairy Pussy

Starring Jana, Martina

Tags Fingering, Girl On Girl, Oral Sex, Sex Toys

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Added April 14 2010

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Martina and Jana are two horny females looking for some fun. Watch as they lick and suck on each others wonderfully hairy pussy's, each with an expression of extreme pleasure. The pleasure becomes too much and they proceed to rub their wet hot cunts together, reveling in the sweet sensations experienced by their hard, slick clits mashing together. This becomes too much and they just have to stick something inside them, so out come the toys. Martina and Jana writhe in pleasure as they fuck each others naughty pussy's with their naughty toys. They finish off by rubbing themselves to a tremendous climax.

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